Ferrara's Heating Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Inc services

Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs in Aitkin, Minnesota

Our team of professionals at Ferrara's Heating Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Inc is proud to supply residents of Aitkin with the most outstanding solutions to their heating and cooling needs, Geothermal HVAC services, and refrigeration repairs. Our team of certified and licensed professionals guarantees to provide you with phenomenal results on your home and commercial needs. We offer affordable prices, efficient solutions, and the best customer service you could as for. Established in 1980 our years of experience in the industry allows us to provide you with years of hands on experience.

When you find yourself in need of heating and cooling repairs, you can expect our team of HVAC contractors to supply you with the best results on all of your needs. We require that all of our employees undergo a minimum of 2-years hands on training so that you can expect on the best repairs and installations. Our heated floor options include hydronic, electric and air radiant floors to meet your specific needs. Speak with one of our professionals today and schedule your free estimate right away!

Heating and Cooling

Our team of professional HVAC contractors is guaranteed to provide you with outstanding results. Whether you are in need of air conditioning repair, or a new heating system installation, we have the skill to exceed your expectations. Our heating contractors will order your preferred heating system and install it for you with ease.

Geothermal HVAC

Our Geothermal HVAC services offer residents with an energy efficient option for heating and cooling their home or office. We install our Geothermal HVAC system below the Earth where energy is emitted by the Sun. This particular system in 500 times more efficient than any traditional HVAC system. Start saving money now and choose our Geothermal HVAC system for your home or office.

Radiant Floor Heating

As a leading team of radiant floor heating providers, we are proud to supply residents with the best options. We offer hydronic radiant floors which utilize a liquid system, electric radiant floors which are chargeable systems, and air radiant floors that heat only during the day. With our select options, we guarantee to provide you with the most outstanding results.


Our team of professionals is proud to offer residents with exceptional refrigeration repair services. When you are in need of fan blade replacements, leak protection, and temperature gauge repairs we are proud to supply the best solutions. Choose our refrigeration repair specialists for the best results; we offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs that we provide.